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WordPress Development

WordPress is the butter to my bread. Simple, powerful, and elegant, WordPress allows anyone to publish a professional looking website with ease—if you know what you're doing. Let me show you the way with personalized training sessions for individuals and groups.

Already a WordPress pro and looking for help with code tweaks or page load times? What about plugin and theme interactions or conflicts? I can help with behind-the-scenes issues like these as well.

WordPress got you ready to pull your hair out? Take a deep breath and contact me instead. My hair is already gone anyway.

Front End Development

Finely crafted HTML, CSS & JavaScript is my forte. Give me a design concept and I'll give you beautiful mark-up and styling, with CMS integration to boot! I heart HTML5 and CSS3, but I can still charm Internet Explorer into submission. When CSS can't get it done alone I know JavaScript is always there to lend a hand.

Responsive design that adjusts itself to to the viewport is both a popular buzzword and something I do well. In a perfect world the whole Internet would be flexible. I'm making a more perfect world one responsive design at a time.

Let me handcraft your design's HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Get in touch!

Hosting & Server Administration

I'm an expert with WordPress hosting administration for both Windows (IIS) and Linux (Apache & Nginx) servers and I know a thing or two about managing WordPress Multisite, Subversion-based WordPress development and multiple-developer WordPress environments.

From recommending a hosting provider to building my own private servers, I can make sure your site is loading at tip-top speeds, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Give your web hosting a boost. Drop me a note today!

About DPE Design

DPE WS&D LLC is David Paul Ellenwood. David Paul Ellenwood is DPE WS&D LLC. I've been crafting the web for more than twenty years. Formally educated in graphic design and professionally educated in development, I'm passionate about the web and excited by its fast-paced, changing nature.

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David Paul Ellenwood
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